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  1. sup bro  maybey possible to ask about royalty guns ^^

    maybey can putt     EBR sniper  1 time in royalty series    but not as bonus  weapon 😛 before the GD rewards wil be stop 😛 

    people say GFX  and adm choose the weaps 😛 


    maybey some of this design 

    #green  weed design  ( this 1 ) really need 😛

    #southpark design 😛 

    #the simpsons   design 

    #moneyheist design

    1. nyCe006


      hmmm..i will try ur suggestion but not 100% so sure.. we'll see b4 it ends.. ty! 🙂

  2. Hi. i've already sent an email to [email protected] regarding to my issue "Bug Rank". you qouted my post last time with pic of rank exp. upon checking on the rank exp, only 500,000,000 is recquired exp for 6Star rank. I've already reached 800,000,000+ exp. cant send a photo here because file is too large. i've already attached it to the email. thanks 

    1. nyCe006


      ok im gonna relay ur msg to the adm about this bug..ty!

  3. Hi nyce :) cant pm you so I do have a suggestion why not create zodiac guns?

    1. nyCe006


      we already have a complete series of zodiac signs skin 🙂

    2. OddBall


      planet skin series?


    3. OddBall


      ohhh another one uhhh Byakko M4a1 Seiryuu PSG Genbu AK Suzaku m4a1-s

  4. pls fix bug on bulletmark lp store try to buy one and go to item and use you can see 

    1. 007ARIEL


      i wanT buy DE


  5. give me souv guns give me tax mga rich guys

  6. boss nyCe006 good job sir !!! sana tumagal kapa sa bsf idol

    pa free gun ka naman hehe wish kopo sa bf mabigyan ako kahit isang souv ex i m4-s lang

  7. how to post my new design for royalty ? or EXi 

    please can you assist me ?


  8. Goodeveniing Sir pwede pakita ang gawang mga baril baka sakaling magustuhan niyo madame po kami sa Clan ng Hydrix sigurado mabebenta niyo po ito kau napo bahala gusto ko lng makatulong sa Commuty of Bull Daily EX i Royalty Will do sa mga baril na po na yan .. sana po mapansin niyo salamat GFX KnightXix more power..

    user: Crushkita095
    ign: [&H]MomsCake 



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