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  1. Ten Commandments of Human Relations

    I. Speak to People - There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greetings.

    II. Smile at People  - It takes 65 muscles to prown, only 15 to smile.

    III. Call People by Name - The sweetest music to anyone's ear is the sound of his own name.

    IV. Be Friendly and Helpful - If you would have friends, be friendly.

    V.  Be Cordial -  Speak and act as if everything you do were a gunuine pleasure.

    VI. Be Genuinely Interested in People - You can like everybody if you try.

    VII. Be Generous with Praise -  Cautions with Critisms.

    VIII. Be Considerate with the Feeling of Others - It will be appreciated.

    IX. Be Thoughtful of the Opinios of Others - There are three (3) sides to be a controversy

    a.) Yours

    b.) The Other Fellow

    c.) And the Right One

    X. Be Alert to Give Service -  What counts most in the life is what we do for others.

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