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    Aim's good, could be better.
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    Selling EX I weapons | bit.ly/beb-bsf | CLICK BELOW "RECENT PROFILE VISITORS" ON "ACTIVITY" -> "ABOUT ME"
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    Selling EX I weapons | Check my profile | FB = beb bullsf

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It can be possible that some Secondaries or Knives are not tradable, we will check if it's tradable before you pay by Paypal/BC code


I'm looking for some SOUV EX I weapons:


- [SOUV EX I] Red Dragon Scar-H




Official BC Resellers



Send me a message


Latest trade: jan 17, total weapons: 5

Total weapons sold / traded: 169



List Updated: January 14

RED = No picture yet






AK74 & AK47










  • [UNIQUE] Aurora FN FAL
  • [UNIQUE] Aztec AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Blue Wolf AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Cafe Cup N FN Fal
  • [UNIQUE] Cat Gun
  • [UNIQUE] Cobalt Penguin
  • [UNIQUE] Dancheng Dual MP9
  • [UNIQUE] Dancheng Uzi
  • [UNIQUE] Dancheng XM8
  • [UNIQUE] Dark Angel G36C MOD0
  • [UNIQUE] Dark Angel M82 Barrett
  • [UNIQUE] Death II AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Dolphin Toy
  • [UNIQUE] Dragon Coil EVL_Uzi   (x2)
  • [UNIQUE] Exoskeleton AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Fire Dragon P90
  • [UNIQUE] Golden Beau G3A3
  • [UNIQUE] Infernal Dragon EVL_Uzi
  • [UNIQUE] Rudolph Toy
  • [UNIQUE] Shark Bite M110 SAS
  • [UNIQUE] Strike AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Tribal Gear M110
  • [UNIQUE] Tyrunt AWP
  • [UNIQUE] Water Dragon HK416
  • [LEGENDARY A] Gold Uzi
  • [LEGENDARY] Spider XM8   (x2)
  • [SOUV B] Gold FAMAS
  • [SOUV E] Gold Cat Gun
  • [SOUV E] M Cyber Esports FN Fal
  • [SOUV E] Vengeance SV-98
  • [SOUV] Rudolph Toy   (x3)
  • [SOUV] Spider XM8
  • [SOUV] Tuna XM8   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Gold Galil   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX] Royal Dragon Type97   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX] Royal Dragon Type89   (x13)
  • [SOUV EX I] 2018 Halloween SV-98   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] @Cafe_M249 MOD1
  • [SOUV EX I] Ares A-91
  • [SOUV EX I] Bio War M4A4   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bloody Mary TAR-21   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bloomy M82 Barrett   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Blue Water Blast
  • [SOUV EX I] Bulbasaur AWP   (x7)
  • [SOUV EX I] Camo P90
  • [SOUV EX I] Death II AWP   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Devil_MG36
  • [SOUV EX I] Fire Water Gatling
  • [SOUV EX I] Frost Bite SV-98
  • [SOUV EX I] Ghost TAC-50   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold MG36   (x12)
  • [SOUV EX I] Guitar Gun   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Howl FA-MAS   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Independence Famas
  • [SOUV EX I] Illusion Monster AWP   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Jollibee AWP   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] K7
  • [SOUV EX I] Little Devil FN FAL   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Little Devil K2   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX I] Mad TAR-21   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Marble Fade Gatling
  • [SOUV EX I] Mars DSR-1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] SFWC Guitar   (x3)           
  • [SOUV EX I] Sun Wu Kong Eguitar
  • [SOUV EX I] The Fools P90   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Vastsky M110   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Water F2000
  • [SOUV EX I] Water Gatling   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] X-mas AN94
  • [SOUV EX I] X-mas M110   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] X-mas MG36   (x3)
  • Bloody G36C
  • Death Bringer M110 SAS
  • Engraved X AN94
  • Engraving_M200
  • Gold Angel G36C   (x2)
  • Gold Vivid G36
  • Halloween G36C
  • Hiei Mac 10
  • Hydro Blast   (x2)
  • Izanami SV-98
  • SFC SV98   (x2)
  • Snowy AN94 MOD0
  • Xmas AN94   (x2)





  • [UNIQUE] Badass Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Carnation Double Winchester
  • [UNIQUE] Cesious Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Golden Beau M945C
  • [UNIQUE] Holy Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Infernal Dragon Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Shark Bite Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Sting Fan
  • [UNIQUE] Strike Desperado
  • [UNIQUE] Vulcan Desperado
  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon Desperado
  • [SOUV B] Gold Dual Glock23
  • [SOUV B] Rose Beretta MOD0
  • [SOUV D] Red Dragon MR73   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bamboo Gun   (x7)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bloomy Beretta   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Cobra Beretta   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Death Skull Beretta   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Flower Beretta   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX I] Graffiti Beretta
  • [SOUV EX I] Honour M945C   (x7)
  • [SOUV EX I] Iridescent Beretta   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Moonrabbit Beretta   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Noble Rose G Beretta MOD0   (x7)
  • [SOUV EX I] Ravana STI Beretta 6.0
  • [SOUV EX I] Rose Beretta MOD0
  • Black Beretta   (x2)
  • Bluemoon Beretta
  • Carbon M945C
  • Death Bringer Desperado
  • Esports Engraving MK23
  • Frankenstein M945C
  • Gold Dual Glock23   (x2)
  • Gold EVL_M945S   (x3)
  • Gold XI Desperado   (x3)
  • Goldenshower M945C
  • Hanbok M945C
  • Limited_Beretta   (x2)
  • Mechanic Desperado   (x2)
  • Pig Keyring Beretta
  • Razer Chroma Beretta
  • Red Lighting M945C
  • Robo Knight M945C
  • Rose Valentine Beretta
  • Viper M945C   (x4)





  • [UNIQUE] Aztect Machete
  • [UNIQUE] Cesious Hatchet
  • [UNIQUE] Infernal Dragon Katana
  • [UNIQUE] Infernal Dragon Shark Knife
  • [UNIQUE] Melody Baseball Bat
  • [UNIQUE] Monster Energy Fan
  • [UNIQUE] Mouthfull Jungle Machete
  • [UNIQUE] Noxious Katana
  • [UNIQUE] Noxious Sickle
  • [UNIQUE] Resurrect Shovel
  • [UNIQUE] Shark Bite Baseball Bat
  • [UNIQUE] Shark Bite Hatchet
  • [UNIQUE] Strike Machete
  • [UNIQUE] Teratoid Hatchet
  • [UNIQUE] Tribal Gear Hatchet
  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon Evil Knife
  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon Hatchet
  • [SOUV D] X-mas Baseball Bat
  • [SOUV D] X-mas Neon Stick   (x3)
  • [SOUV E Ice Phoenix Skelton Hand
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Hatchet   (x4)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Evil Knife   (x4)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Shark Knife   (x6)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Evil Knife   (x2)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Hatchet   (x4)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Shark Knife   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Evil Knife   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Hatchet   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Shark Knife   (x6)
  • [SOUV EX] Razer Chroma Shovel   (x10)
  • [SOUV EX I] Akatsuki Shark Knife
  • [SOUV EX I] Asiimov Machete   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Asiimov M10   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Crimson Web M10   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] French Fries Stick   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] God Frieza Hatchet
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold M10    (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold Sheep Hammer   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold Katana   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold Machete
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold X Claw
  • [SOUV EX I] Grilled Chicken Leg
  • [SOUV EX I] Hello Kitty Fan   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Hello Kitty Hatchet   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX I] Infernal Dragon Katana   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Jason Machete   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Krampus Hatchet   (x6)
  • [SOUV EX I] Krueger Claw   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Large Scissors   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Lollypop Stick   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Marble Fade M10
  • [SOUV EX I] Mr Mime Baseball Bat   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Noble Dragon Scissors   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Rare Candy
  • [SOUV EX I] Safari Telescope
  • [SOUV EX I] Santa Girl Hatchet
  • [SOUV EX I] Seth Shark Knife
  • [SOUV EX I] SFTC2019 Katana   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] SFTC2019 Machete   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Sheep Hammer
  • [SOUV EX I] Thai Water Bowl   (x5)
  • 9th Trophy Bronze
  • Ancient Dragon Shark Knife   (x2)
  • Dead Pool Shark Knife
  • Doppler M10   (x3)
  • Fever Dreams Shark Knife
  • Gold Katana
  • Gold M10
  • Gold X Holy Knife
  • Innocence Katana   (x2)
  • Line Thai Shark Knife   (x2)
  • Marble Fade M10   (x5)
  • Muramasa Katana   (x3)
  • Platinum Shark Knife   (x2)
  • Platinum Shovel   (X2)
  • Razer Chroma Shovel   (x4)
  • Red Camo II M10
  • Rose Valentine M10   (x5)
  • Royal Lion Shark Knife   (x2)
  • SFL M10   (x3)
  • SF Rival shovel   (x2)






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