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About Me



Traded & Sold over 50 weapons.


On SF since 2009, IJJI - Aeriagames - Bullgamez

Youtube Channel

Selling / trading weapons, feel free to send me a message!


Looking for the following EX I weapons:

  • Dragon PSG
  • Dragon M4A1
  • Oskal PSG
  • Red Alcad PSG
  • Obstacle PSG
  • Gold M4A1 MK II
  • Platinum M4A1-s
  • Gold M4A1 Sight
  • Gold Alcad M4A1-s

If you got any other weap, just let me know, I might want it!


Selling prices:

* 500 BC (7500 DE) = 1 EX or EX I weap ($5)

* 1400 BC (26000 DE) = 3 EX or EX I weap ($10)

* 1500 BC (30000 DE) = 4 EX or EX I weap ($11)

* 2000 BC (45000 DE) = 6 EX or EX I weap ($15)

* 3400 BC (81000 DE) = 10 EX or EX I weap ($25)

* 6600 BC (159000 DE) = 21 EX or EX I weap ($50)


Special and rare weapons with different prices got this line below it and are green highlighted.

These weapons will be sold for $10 each.


You can pay by BSN codes or Paypal.


The weapons for trading/sell:

Updated: August 23rd




  • [LEGENDARY B] Ghost Tiger Strike M4A1-s   (x2)
  • [LEGENDARY B] Ghost Tiger Strike M4A1   (x2)
  • [LEGENDARY C] Blue Wolf M4A1   (x2)
  • [LEGENDARY C] Dragon M4A1 MOD0
  • [LEGENDARY] Empress M4A1-s
  • [LEGENDARY] Red Horus M4A1   (x2)
  • [EX] Fiery Demon M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV C] Alcad M4A1   (x4)
  • [SOUV C] Hello Cutie M4A1 MOD0
  • [SOUV D] Cutie M4A1
  • [SOUV D] Vengeance M4A1
  • [SOUV D] Vengeance M4A1 MOD0   (x2)
  • [SOUV E] Immortal_w M4A1
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon M4A1 CER   (x8)
  • [SPECAL EDITION] Green Ranger M4A1
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon M4A1 CER   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Alcad 2.0 M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Bloomy M4A1 Sight   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Creator M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Cutie M4A1   (x7)
  • [SOUV EX I] Death Skull M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Decimator M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Destiny II M4A1   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Devious Serpent M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Devious Serpent M4A1 MOD0
  • [SOUV EX I] Esports M4A1   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Fiery Demon M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Fiery Demon M4A1 MOD0   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Frost Bite M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold School Look M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Hunger M4A1 M4A1-S
  • [SOUV EX I] Ice M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Immortal_W M4A1                               
  • [SOUV EX I] Independence M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Iron M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Master Piece M4A1-s
  • [SOUV EX I] Moonrabbit M4A1
  • [SOUV EX I] Neo Noir M4A1-s   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Noble Rose G M4A1   (x2)                   
  • [SOUV EX I] Obstacle M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Oskal M4A1   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Flower M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Love M4A1   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Raptor M4A1 Sight   (2x)
  • [SOUV EX I] Red Alcad M4A1   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Zone67 M4A1


AK74 & AK47


  • [LEGENDARY A] Gold AK47S   (x3)
  • [LEGENDARY A] Gold AK74
  • [LEGENDARY B] Ghost Tiger Strike AK74
  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon AK74 CER   (x2)
  • [LEGENDARY] Red Horus AK74
  • [EX] Fiery Demon AK74
  • [SOUV C] Hello Cutie AK74
  • [SOUV E] Creative AK74 knife   (x2)
  • [SOUV] AK74 Fire Serpent   (x4)
  • [SOUV] Esports Gold AK47-S   (x2)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon AK74 CER   (x6)
  • [SPECIAL EDITION] Ice Spiked Direwolf AK74
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon AK74 CER   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] War AK74   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] AK74 Fire Serpent   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Althaea AK74 Silence
  • [SOUV EX I] Cutie AK74   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Destiny II AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Dynamic AK47S
  • [SOUV EX I] Dynamic AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Elite Build AK74                           *NEW*
  • [SOUV EX I] Fiery Demon AK74   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Frost Bite AK74   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Hellfire AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Honour AK47s   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Honour AK74   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Hunger M4A1 AK74   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Ice AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Immortal AK74   (x4)                    
  • [SOUV EX I] Immortal_W AK74   (x3)           
  • [SOUV EX I] INW Spetsnaz AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Noble Rose AK74
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink AK47-S   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Flower AK74   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Love AK47s   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Love AK74   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Red Alcad AK74   (x2)




  • [LEGENDARY] Red Horus PSG   (x4)
  • [SOUV D] Cutie Vivid PSG
  • [SOUV D] Engraving PSG
  • [SOUV] Esports Gold PSG
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon PSG CER   (x2)
  • [SPECIAL EDITION] Ice Thorn Direwolf PSG
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon PSG CER   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX I] Angel PSG   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Devious Serpent PSG   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Dragon Scale PSG
  • [SOUV EX I] Pink Dragon PSG   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Redline PSG                                        *NEW*
  • [SOUV EX I] Wind Dragon PSG
  • [SOUV EX I] Zone67 PSG1-A1




  • [LEGENDARY A] Gold Uzi
  • [SOUV B] Gold FAMAS
  • [SOUV E] Gold Cat Gun   (x2)
  • [SOUV E] M Cyber Esports FN Fal
  • [SOUV E] Gold Rudolph Toy
  • [SOUV E] Vengeance SV-98
  • [SOUV] Rudolph Toy   (x3)
  • [SOUV] Tuna XM8   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Gold Galil   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Royal Dragon Type97   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX] Royal Dragon Type89   (x13)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bio War M4A4   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Bloomy M82 Barrett   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Blue Water Blast   (x3)
  • [SOUV EX I] Blue Water Sniper   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Brown Tiger Uzi
  • [SOUV EX I] Camo P90   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Fire Water Gatling
  • [SOUV EX I] Flower MX-4
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold AN94
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold MG36   (x13)
  • [SOUV EX I] Gold School Look Galil
  • [SOUV EX I] Guitar Gun   (x2)                         
  • [SOUV EX I] Ice Aug A3
  • [SOUV EX I] Independence Famas
  • [SOUV EX I] Neo Noir FAMAS   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] SFWC Guitar   (x3)                    
  • [SOUV EX I] Sun Wu Kong Eguitar                 
  • [SOUV EX I] Titanium FG42                            
  • [SOUV EX I] Tropical Water Sniper
  • [SOUV EX I] Water F2000   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Water Gatling   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Wolf Uzi   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Wolf XM8




  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon Evil Knife
  • [LEGENDARY] Neo Dragon Hatchet
  • [SOUV D] X-mas Baseball Bat
  • [SOUV D] X-mas Neon Stick   (x3)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Hatchet   (x4)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Evil Knife   (x4)
  • [SOUV] Neo Dragon Shark Knife   (x6)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Evil Knife   (x2)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Hatchet   (x4)
  • [NEO EDITION] Dragon Shark Knife   (x5)
  • [SOUV EX] Holy Shovel   (x8)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Evil Knife   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Hatchet   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX] Neo Dragon Shark Knife   (x6)
  • [SOUV EX] Razer Chroma Shovel   (x10)
  • [SOUV EX I] Asiimov Machete   (x2)
  • [SOUV EX I] Asiimov M10   (x4)
  • [SOUV EX I] Thai Water Bowl   (x5)



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