Attention Troopers!

Before you proceed with the updates below, we would like to appeal to everyone to UNFOLLOW our former FB Page
You will get nothing there but lies and it will just confuse you.

To those who have chargedback in PayPal due to fake announcement made by Alvin Kok Jun Keat/GodTrix/Happy/Cock Sucker Bitch, it is not too late to show your support to the game by closing all your cases. We will compensate you items worth higher than what you are trying to chargeback.

Do not look for items you acquired from January 4 onwards. Alvin Kok Jun Keat/GodTrix/Happy/Cock Sucker Bitch deleted those. We have something better for all of you.

All these distractions are just delaying tactics made by the very person who have destroyed the game for us. He'll got nothing but jealousy when we get online.

Google Drive
There are 2 Files. Choose 1 only.
BullGamez Soldier = 3GB compressed. 6GB extracted. Faster installation.
BullGamez Soldier = 3GB compressed. 3GB extracted. Slower installation.
1. Our new servers are performing well. Game Servers up again for further tests. Everyone login and share your feedback at our FB Group Thanks for participating.
2. Our website,, will be put offline while we focus on optimizing the game.
1. Game Servers are up for testing.
2. Account Recovery System (ARS), 100% in placed. Players who have registered a valid e-mail with us will be able to recover their accounts once we are online.

What we have lined up to do once game is online:
1. Fix bugs in weapon damage and aesthetics.
2. Compensate players with items higher than their missing items' worth.
3. Deploy special rewards and/or packages for loyal players.
4. Update Cafe Partnership Package.
5. Distribute pending prizes for 2USD Raffles.
6. Staff Recruitment.

Other not so distant future plans:
1. Enhance webstore.
2. Implement a Fraud Proof Payment System (FraPPS).
3. Implement Real-time Insertion of BullCoins (RIBs) to players account.
4. Enhance Trading System.
5. In-game Market Place.
6. Enhance Anti-Cheat System.
7. New game modes.
8. Cafe Partner Hosted Game Servers (Public/Private).

Thanks for believing. Thanks for the continued support.

BullSF Team